Managed Services for Emerging Technologies:

WorldLink offers full end-to-end outsourced Managed Services for many of today's "Emerging Technology" platforms, which includes architecture, design, development and ongoing support. This includes the areas of Cloud, Big Data or Mobile technologies running on open source or off-the-shelf products and solutions.

Use case of Mobile Customer Marketing and Analytics of Customer Behavior and Conversion Patterns:

WorldLink was chosen to develop and support a next-generation mobile advertising and communication platform which brings native and rich media content to a Smartphone's Homescreen. This technology creates a new channel for the way brands, service providers, content providers and advertisers connect to the Smartphone Homescreen. Homescreen Marketing is one of the largest opportunities to reach consumers. For example, an average Smartphone user visits their Homescreen approximately 220 times a day.

Currently, WorldLink's platform is being used by two of the largest wireless carriers in Latin America. WorldLink's team also constructed the platform to provide built-in, advanced Big Data analytics capabilities, allowing the client to perform reporting and data-slicing on the aggregated information on consumer behavior.

The number of platform subscribers is growing approximately 1M people every two months and is estimated to reach 16M registered subscribers by the end of 2017. WorldLink is responsible for maintaining the infrastructure, capturing and analyzing advertising conversion data and developing customer profiles by analyzing consumer activity.

The platform is built using all open source products, configured in clustered fail-safe environment:

PORTAL: RoR, Java, MongoDB


ANALYTICS: Hadoop, Spark, Elk

MOBILE: Android apk

INFRASTRUCTURE (Hardware, Software, Scheduler): AWS, Nginx, HAProxy,Quartz, MySQL